Frequently Asked Questions: 

        • To get the maximum enjoyment from your candle:
          1. Your 1st burn :
            1. Burn your candle until the wax melts all the way around the inside of the jar.  A general rule of thumb is to let your candle burn one hour for each inch of diameter. For example, if your jar is three inches in diameter, let the candle burn for three hours.
            2. This is what you call a “Full Pool of Wax”, no tunneling.
            3. Make sure the melted wax extends to the edges of the container before blowing out your candle.  
              1. Candles made from soy wax have what you might call ‘memory’.
              2. The candle ‘remembers’ the size of the melt pool and will tend to always burn to that spot. If your candle doesn't burn all the way to the sides of the jar, it will continue to burn out to the same spot and your candle burn unevenly or it could end up tunneling.
          2. Keep the wick trimmed to about 1/4″ before and during each burn
            1. A properly trimmed wick reduces smoke and soot, and makes for a more even burn.
          3. Place your candles in a draft-free area. 
            1. Avoid drafts, vents or air currents. 
            2. A candle flame that is in a draft will not burn all the fuel (wax) properly.  This can cause your candle to burn unevenly, and possibly make it tunnel. See “If your candle burn unevenly” below.
          4. Place your candles on an even surface
            1. If the surface is not even, the candle will burn unevenly. See “If your candle burn unevenly” below.
        • Oops...what if you trim the wick too close and you can’t get the candle lit?
          1. Try digging a little well around the wick with a screwdriver or knife (working very carefully).  
          2. If your candle is burning unevenly see “If your candle burn unevenly” below.
          3. If your candle starts to tunnel, see “If your candle starts to tunnel” below.
        • If the wick is too long…
          1. It will burn to fast.  You want it to burn at the right amount to get the full burn time.
          2. It will produce too much carbon dioxide, black smoke and it could smother the flame out.  
        • What is a Full Pool of Wax?
          1. About 1/4” of solid melted wax all away around the inside of the jar.
        • What is tunneling?
          1. A bulk of wax clinging to the sides and a well down the middle of your candle
        • If your candle starts tunneling?
          1. Scrap the wax that is clinging to the glass and make the top of the candle level, make sure the wick is a 1/4” long. Start over by following “To get the maximum enjoyment from your candle:”, above.
        • If your candle burn unevenly (a bulk of wax clinging on one side of the jar) try these tips:
          1. If the surface isn’t completely level, rotate your candle 1/4 to 1/2 turn.
          2. If the surface is level, sit the candle unevenly, with most of the melted wax going towards the bulk of the wax. 
            1. Take a tiny piece of cardboard, something small and stick it under the candle to level it off.
        • Why does the wick get smothered? 
          1. The wick is short
            1. Try digging a little well around the wick
            2. Light the candle and get a pool of wax.  Pour out melted wax. 
              1. This will allow the wick to be longer.
          2. The wick is too long, it will produce too much carbon dioxide and it will smother the flame out.  Trim the wick to a 1/4” and light it again. 
        • Guarantee a Full Pool of Wax, no tunneling
          1. If you buy one of our candles and you don’t get a full pool of wax, send us a picture to and we will send you another candle.
        • If you have tried all suggestions above and the candle is still not burning correctly and it is one of our candles, that should never happen, we may have accidentally used the wrong size wick.  
          1. Please email us at and we will send you another candle.
        • How do I clean the jar?
          1. When the candle has burned 1/2 inch of remaining was, put the jar in the freezer for 3 minutes.
        • What type of wick is used?
          1. We use cotton core braided wicks that burn well in natural waxes.
          2. The wicks are braided in a way that allows the tension in the wick to remain strong and standing with a slight bend at the top in container candle while burning. 
        • What do I do if I receive a code in the silver lining pouch?
          1. Go to the Redeem Treasure tab on our website for more details about the code.
        • What are the candles made of?
          • 100% pure soybean wax and carefully selected essential oils.
          • All NATURAL and biodegradable
          • Manufactured meeting FDA Standards
          • NOT tested on animals
          • Contain NO palm wax
          • Contain NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products
          • Contain NO pesticides and NO herbicides
          • Contain NO toxic materials
          • Considered GRAS under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act - "GRAS" is an acronym for the phrase Generally Recognized As Safe. Under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, any substance that is intentional

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